Friday, March 16, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day NOTD

Here are a few pictures of my nails from my Smokey Green tutorial. I ended up using my Sinful Colors Green Ocean & really liked how it came out.
I still don't think that it's a dupe for the Nails Inc. one but, for the price, it's just as beautiful.
It's was very hard to capture on camera but, these nails shined so amazingly! You could see them glisten across the room!
These pictures do not do them justice at all!

Green Nails-
1 coat Sinful Colors See You Soon
1 coat Sinful Colors Green Ocean

Gold Nails:
2 coats Sinful Colors This Is It
2 coats Essie Luxeffects Shine Of The Times
3 coats of Love & Beauty gold glitter from I <3 Chunky Glitter collection
(I would suggest using a different glitter to get a better gem effect, this is what I had but it just didn't turn out like I had envisioned)

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