Tuesday, June 12, 2012

April and May 2012 Random Purchases (School Shopping)

I didn't do much shopping last month, & with my massive procrastination of getting up last months monthly posts, I just decided to combine it with this months.
The past month has pretty much been all about shoes & school shopping. I went way, way overboard extreme on shoes this month. It's actually kind of embarrassing. 
Those of you that have been following me for a while know that this is not my normal spending. Those of you that are new to my random purchases, please don't think that I buy $100 shoes everyday. This is way not the norm for me!
Anyway, I have been changing up my style a little bit over the past few months & found some really great chicer pieces to go with that. I also finally feel like I'm prepared for school (so brace yourself for an abundance of black at the end).
As I type this I have 2 days before I start school! I'm at that point where I'm equally nervous & excited! It seems to have come up so quick. But, I think I'm ready!
(I didn't end up getting this posted until after I already started school due to the sheer amount of chaos)

On to my ridiculous amount of shopping!