Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 2012 (HUGE) Random Purchases

This month I shopped a ton! I don't know what came over me. 
So this is going to be an extra long, picture heavy post.
I have felt like I was in a rut for a while now & have been wearing pretty much the same few outfits for a couple of months. I think that a big part of that was that I haven't been going out as much as I normally do. So I haven't been getting dressed up & have been in casual wear most of the time lately. I have just felt like I need to start mixing things up again & get out of wearing a plain t-shirt, jeans, & my chucks everyday. I just need to try something new & start being more adventurous in my daily wear again instead of just my club clothes.
So, I picked up a lot of stuff that I've never really worn before but have been seeing on other people & loving. I have already been feeling better & not so slumpy (I think I just made up that word).
I have also been getting back into nautical & retro pin-up type stuff this past month. Last spring I was obsessed with nautical stuff & I have gone in & out of pin-up phases since I was a teen.
I just feel like shopping this month has brought me back to my adventurous fashion sense that I used to have (ie- a different style everyday).

The second I saw this at Target I had to have it! I can't help but giggle & smile every time I use it. It adds a bit of cute whimsy to my morning coffee routine & it puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. It's silly & makes me happy, & I suggest everyone run out & get one right now!

I first saw this owl pen cup from Anthropologie on Elle's AllThatGlitters channel. It looked so cute on the site & seemed like it would match the white owls I already have almost perfectly. When I went to the store, they didn't have them anymore. But, they did help me order it online without shipping costs. As soon as I got it I was a little disappointed. The first thing I noticed was that it was unfinished/unsealed & because of this, it had a big black smudge on it's little nose. Unfinished ceramics get so dirty & you can't really clean them plus, they break a lot easier. It also didn't really go with my other owls like I thought I was going to. When I tried to put all my pens in it to put it on my desk I realized how small it was. I normally have a ridiculous amount of pens, markers, scissors, & other junk on my desk because I'm totally OCD & must use different types of pens for different things. I could only fit about 1/3 of the stuff from the pen cup I have now into this. After much debate, I decided to return it. I just couldn't see paying $17 on it if I wasn't completely happy. This is why I hate ordering things online; they're never exactly what you thought they were going to be.

As many of you know, I am getting ready to attend esthiology school in June. I have been trying to kind of come up with a game plan this past month because I really don't want to try to take care of everything right before but I'm not really sure what everything will be like either. (I'm not entirely sure that made sense) I have decided to put together a smaller purse so that I don't have to switch things from one bag to another every other day; all I will have to do is grab my ID & credit card. I also wanted a smaller bag so I don't have to carry my huge purse plus my kit. Ok, onto the point. I decided I didn't want to carry my huge planner with me everyday so, I started looking for smaller ones. I just wanted something to write down my schedule, appointments & when stuff is due; nothing more. I found a great 2 day per page one but refused to pay $25 for it. It just had the date & then lined space & then the next date & more lined space. I figured I could just buy a little notebook & do that myself. I found this at Barnes & Nobel & I think it will work out perfectly. It has a hard cover & elastic closure so it doesn't get too banged up in my bag & it's small. All I need to do is add a little ribbon pagemarker & write in the dates myself. I also like that it's red & I'll easily be able to spot it in my bag. Saved myself $18!

I love these pens! When I saw this pack of 3 on sale for $3 (1/2 price) just because it was the breast cancer ones (which is a bonus to me!) I had to grab it. As you can see, they didn't last long before before I tore into them.

Silly but, I'm a horror movie freak! My dad & I used to sit up & watch crappy B-rate horror all the time when I was little. A long time ago I watched this Hellraiser on TV & fell in love with it. It instantly became my favorite one. It was just so different & I'm a sucker for twist endings! The problem was, it happened to be the one everyone else hated, so I couldn't find it anywhere. I came across this at K-mart & couldn't believe my luck. Not only does it have my top favorite that I could never find anyplace, it has my top 4!!! & for under $8!!! Let's just say, Matt's really sick of Hellraiser about now! :)

I picked this up while I was in line because the headbands I use when I wash my face are starting to get a little worn. I doesn't have any elasticity to it, so it's kind of hard to use to pull my bangs back.

I have been wanting these shoes forever! They were on the Love Culture website but, never had my size, only 8's &10's. When I tried them on in the store, I found out that they run really small & I ended up having to get a 10. Funny how things work out.

Couldn't pass these up at Charlotte Russe during their $10 boot sale!

These shoes were pure luck. I was looking for something else at Urban Outfitters & found this one lonely pair stuffed in a corner. They just happened to be my size & on sale for $20. I had to get them, right? The shoe gods were telling me to get them.

I have been wanting one of these bracelets for so long but could never find one. When I was walking out of Macy's the other day I saw a little display with them. I didn't like most of the new phrases that they had but stumbled upon one, in purple, that said DREAM. It fits my wrist amazing (seriously, better then anything I've ever owned) & I have worn it everyday since.

You can never go wrong with a cute bow ring

These are unlike any of my other feather earrings & they look so cute with my lilac hair

A lot of times I want to wear my script Love necklace but feel it's too dressy. I feel like this is a more casual option.

Blue polka dot hair bows with tails. Most of them don't have the tail & I think it really adds to it.

I had to have this! I have totally been getting back into my whole nautical obsession this spring!

I love the versatility of this group of little silver rings. They all have different patterns & textures. Great for stacking with other rings

I love how these glasses look on me. They are so cute but in a retro classic sort of way. I also like that they're red on the inside.

I never wear shorts but have really been liking them on other people lately. I figured I would give these babies a shot & see how I like them. I like that they button down the sides, I think that it adds a little bit of retro refinement to them. I really want to get a leather pair to wear with tights but haven't found just the right pair yet.

Sheer maxi skirts are another thing I have been loving on other people lately. I thought that this one would go really well with my glitter Jeffery Campbell lita style boots. We'll see how I like it.

I liked that this was shorter in the front & longer in the back. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it yet but, thought that it might be nice for wandering around during the summer.

I needed a bunch of new undershirts

  I've been having a lot of trouble finding cute shirts lately because they are all cropped too short to wear with my undershirts. Even the panda shirt I bought last month was way too short. This one is cropped right at the belt line, so I think I can work with it. I love the little studded stripes & will hopefully get a lot of use out of this because I wear the crap out of my other shirts with little studs.

Simple, casual stripped t-shirts. I wear these kind of shirts a ton. They're easy to make look cute without a whole lot of effort.

  Another great look I've been seeing on other people is sheer button-up shirts. I will be taking a great deal of inspiration from Alex's (of HRH Collection) more chic rocker type of looks when I style this. Just make sure to get it a size or 2 up.

I always pick up sheer long sleeved shirts when I see them. They come in so handy when I don't want to wear a jacket.

I was drawn to this shirt like a moth to a flame. It's cropped at the belt line like the studded one, so I'm hoping I can make it work. I think that this will look so cute with some high-waisted colorful pants.

  This is a great top when you don't really want to get all done up but you don't want to be in bum clothes either. It's right in between & can be tweaked for a ton of different styles.

  I am so excited about this shirt! I can't wait to wear it tucked into the front of flat black skinny jeans with my studded 80's loafers. I just need to find the right belt. I feel like I need to add a ton of exclamation points just to show how excited I am about this shirt!!!!!

Sheer, lace floral shirt. Not sure what I'm going to do with this just yet but, for some reason I was drawn to it.

Amazingly adorable nautical shirt. This shirt looks so cute with navy skinny jeans & wedges. I hate when they put these little tie things on the back of the shirt. I always check to make sure that they aren't attached & just cut them off.

I like how this simply stripped tank is made so much cutter with the lace back.

Another sheer shirt. I had to hang it up so you could see how cute the shape of it is. This will be perfect for when I go to school.

Cute gold-ish satchel I got at Forever 21. I have been going back & forth on whether or not to get this for almost 2 months. I was holding back because it is a decent amount smaller then most of my purses. But lately I haven't been carrying as much around lately so, I decided to go for it. This is about the same size as my little leopard purse but carries half as much. I am keeping it but, I don't think that I will use it that much. I can't even fit my small wallet in this! & my phone won't fit in the little pockets either! Seriously, this thing fits next to nothing. I have tiny clutches that fit more. Be warned if you were thinking about getting this. I can fit my tiny notebook, a coin purse, a compact & lipstick, a small hand sanitizer, gum (too big to fit in the front pocket though), my phone & keys. That's it! This is not an everyday bag, at least not for me.

That's everything. I know, major shopping!
I am still on the lookout for a few good pairs of casual shoes (that aren't tennies or regular flats) & a few cute spring jackets (mine are on their last leg). I found a few cute shoes at Forever 21 but, none of them were in my size or on the website. If you have any suggestions, let me know.


  1. ha, tell me about it! i overshop too, so let's shake hands on that one! i'm very impulsive that way, and my wallet weeps haha!
    but what does that matter, when one can come home with such a cool mug!? and a sequin anchor? and feather earrings? no regrets!!!/Azure

    1. sometimes the joy of a pretty sequined anchor top is all you need in life!