Monday, September 10, 2012

Random OOTD x2

So, neither of these outfits were for anything in particular. Just running errands & stuff like that.
But, I love how both of them came out very casual but also pulled together & a little chic.
Nothing much more to say about this, so on to the pictures

Monday, September 3, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween 1- Decisions, Research, and Planning

OK, so this is the beginning of my Halloween posts. I'm not entirely sure how these will go or where they will end up, but you'll be along for the ride as I get ready for Halloween.
One of the main reasons I wanted to do these posts was to show the amount of trial & error that goes into our Halloween costumes. Very rarely is it a smooth ride & almost always, we are scraping by at the end. It's a lot of work but, I would never stop doing it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

April and May 2012 Random Purchases (School Shopping)

I didn't do much shopping last month, & with my massive procrastination of getting up last months monthly posts, I just decided to combine it with this months.
The past month has pretty much been all about shoes & school shopping. I went way, way overboard extreme on shoes this month. It's actually kind of embarrassing. 
Those of you that have been following me for a while know that this is not my normal spending. Those of you that are new to my random purchases, please don't think that I buy $100 shoes everyday. This is way not the norm for me!
Anyway, I have been changing up my style a little bit over the past few months & found some really great chicer pieces to go with that. I also finally feel like I'm prepared for school (so brace yourself for an abundance of black at the end).
As I type this I have 2 days before I start school! I'm at that point where I'm equally nervous & excited! It seems to have come up so quick. But, I think I'm ready!
(I didn't end up getting this posted until after I already started school due to the sheer amount of chaos)

On to my ridiculous amount of shopping!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Birthday Wishlist!

My Birthday Wishlist!

I thought that it would be fun to post my birthday wish list up here
(so you can all see the way over priced stuff I have been lusting over that I would never end up buying for myself)

There is no way that I will end up getting all of this; actually, more then likely, I will get a new camera (because it's the only thing that I actually need) & maybe the book or film. But it's always fun to fantasize about what you want for your birthday. 

Fashion Book that I saw at the book store (I have no idea who it's by); Hello Kitty Instax Mini Film; New Camera (I'm thinking about this Canon Powershot SX40); Phosphor Watch in pink on pink leather; Nespresso  Citiz w/ Milk Machine (I didn't get what all the hype of this was about until I tried a cup of coffee from it, it's HEAVEN! so worth the money); Iphone with Bunny Case (I just want an Iphone because you can get tons of really cool cases for it everywhere, but seeing as how I have T-mobile, I doubt that will happen. I have noticed that you can get the bunny cases for SG2's though, so maybe I'll get one of those eventually)

What cool stuff have you been lusting after lately? 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Weekend In May (day in the life X3) Pic Heavy!!!

There are depictions of alcohol in this post! I am over 21 & do not promote underage drinking.

I knew that I had a fairly busy weekend planned so, I decided to take my camera with me & post a weekend in pictures. A lot of what I did was shopping & those pieces will be included in my random purchases this month (yes, I will be making sure to get that up at the end of the month). I decided to leave them out of this post because it already had a million pictures. 
I took a lot more pictures on Friday but, that's just because I did more interesting things that day. Saturday & Sunday were spent shopping to get ready for school in 2 weeks!
I can't believe that I start school in just 2 weeks! Not that long ago it seemed so far off & now it's just around the corner. I was freaking out a little bit because I felt really unprepared but, after this weekend I feel like I'm in a good place.
I still haven't found the perfect shoes though, so that's making me a little nervous. I have two semi-ok options but, I'm not 100% sold on either just yet. I want something that isn't black, is stylish & chic but a little rock n' roll, & I can stand in for 12+ hours a day; plus I have to wear socks with them (that part is becoming near impossible to find!).
Anyway, let's get on with my weekend...


Starting my day off with cartoon character overload!