Friday, March 2, 2012

February 2012 Random Purchases

I didn't do a whole lot of shopping this month due to saving up for a big purchase (listed last).
I did manage to pick up a few bits & pieces along the way & a late Christmas present finally came in.

This is the bag that I got from Mark/Avon. It's cute but, not exactly what I was expecting. It has absolutely no structure to it. This makes it look terrible when you try to carry it with the shoulder strap. The whole thing just kind of collapses in the middle unless you have it really full. The only other thing is that I wish the two smaller front pockets were a tiny bit bigger, so I could fit my phone in one of them. They are the perfect size for gum though. Overall I like it but, I don't think I would really suggest running out & buying it.

I have been eyeing these boots for quite some time now. They finally went on sale for 60% off & I ended up getting them for $35. I really love the refined/updated 80's rocker look of them.

I must say that finding a case for my Kindle fire has been a damn nightmare. They are expensive as hell & always had only one of the three features I was looking for. Finally(& I mean finally!), I found this baby. Nice looking & well made, check. A strap or something to keep it closed in my bag, check. Ability to prop up for Buffy watching, check. Price, well, it was better then some. I got this for $30 (on sale from $40) at Best Buy. I still think that's ridiculously high but, many that weren't as good as this one were $50 or more. So I bit the bullet & bought it. I have been extremely happy with this case. After much, much, much searching I think that it's the only one worth buying.

I have only had 2 wallets that I really loved & felt did everything I need them to. This leaves me constantly looking for a newer & better one. I saw this at Target & I am liking it ok so far but, I still don't think that it's the one just yet.

I found this great little Moleskine notebook on sale at Target for under $4 (from $12!). While my purple notebook still has plenty of pages left, it's looking a little beat up & dingy. I figured at this price, I should just replace it. The only thing that I don't like about this is that it doesn't have perforated pages, so you can't really tear pages out.

I wanted to get a little pencil pouch for school & think that this one is perfect. It's cute, little, stylish, simple, & will go with everything. I like that it's not too big & doesn't have any extra frills. Plus, it was a steal at $3.

I thought that this slouchy hat might be a cute alternative to my beret style knit hats I normally wear. I was completely wrong. This hat looks awful on me. It makes my head look small & may hair look even flatter & thinner then usual. I will definitely be returning this.

I love this cute little panda shirt. It's long sleeved but cropped just above my belt level. It's stylish but casual & comfortable enough for just running errands. It looks adorable with skinny jeans & chucks.

I got this extra long scarf at Forever 21. I like that it's bulky & long but thin, where as all my other scarfs are really heavy.

I also picked up this long multi-chain necklace & an adorable heavy metal cuff while I was at Forever 21. Both of these are key style pieces but where really inexpensive.

Amazing Alice in Wonderland giant tea cup. This was a Christmas present from my mom that was on back-order. I love this cup so much. It looks so pretty on my desk when I'm working & always brings a smile to my face. My mom always gets me the most amazing presents!

This beauty was my big purchase for the month. I have been saving up little bits & pieces since Christmas. I am so happy to have my own piano!!! I have been practicing everyday & hope to be able to play Queen & Elton John flawlessly by the end of the year. The sound of this piano is so beautiful & the keys are weighted too. I love that it's small(ish) but has the weight, feel, & sound of a real piano. I also like that it doesn't have a whole bunch of extra buttons & lights & crap. It's beautiful & sleek. I really am in love with this beauty!

That's everything that I got for the month. Nothing too spectacular, except my beautiful piano.
Did you get anything special this month.


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    1. thank you. It's one cup, it just has 2 sides. You can order it from Urban Outfitters. My mom always finds me the cutest presents.