Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012 Love It Or Ditch It- Collective Review/Haul

It's time for my very first written monthly review! I like that I was able to get much more detailed about things without having to worry about the video being too long. I also liked that I could kind of write reviews as I used the products & didn't have to worry about forgetting something a few weeks later. Comment down below & let me know if you like this better or would like me to bring back the videos.
I did a decent amount of makeup shopping this month & am really excited for all the new stuff coming out. New colors, new formulas, & completely innovative new products. I am trying to take it a little slow on buying up a bunch of new stuff until some more reviews come out though. So it might be a few months before I'm able to tell you what I think about all of this cool stuff that's coming out. 
(One of my resolutions this year is to be a little wiser on spending my money)
I did not include my new Kat Von D palette in this post because I pretty much went over everything I thought about it in my other post/video. You can check that out here.

Love & Beauty I <3 Chunky Glitter 7 Polish Set- Forever 21 $10
While I haven't gotten a chance to use all of the polishes in this set, I really love the ones that I have. They are pretty standard as far as glitter polishes are considered. I love the blue based multi-glitter & think that it is so different from all the other multi-colored glitters that I have (& was the main reason that I bought the set). I think that all of these are must have glitters & a great value for the set!

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Color in Be-Jeweled- Bed, Bath & Beyond $6
(check out the pictures at the bottom of this post to see it on my nails)
I loved the micro lilac glitter with the little bit bigger pops of pink throughout & thought that I would become obsessed with this polish. Unfortunately, the beauty & effect of this polish is kind of lost once it's on your nails. The micro glitter is a little too abundant & ends up looking like bumpy metallic polish while the pink kind of gets lost in it all. It also doesn't shine like I was hoping for. All in all, I think that the concept is wonderful & I'm sure I'll get some use out of it but I wouldn't suggest it & don't think that I'll buy any more of these.

NEW Wet N Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color in On A Trip & Disturbia- Walgreens $2
(the camera really distorted the color of On A Trip, please look at the picture of it on my nails at the bottom of this post for a better idea of the real color)
I was surprised at how much I liked these. I initially picked up On A Trip simply because I liked the beautiful periwinkle lavender color (the new hair is making me go lilac crazy!). I liked it so much I had to pick up Disturbia, which has the most perfect dark pink/maroonish shimmer in it. These go on a little sheer with the first coat but are opaque with 2 coats. This polishes still looked great after 8 days on my nails! (pictures at the bottom of this post were taken right before I took it off) Polish chips & peals so easy on me so I was shocked by this. I will defiantly pick up more of these as I see colors I like!

Essie nail polish in Cocktail Bling- Bed, Bath & Beyond $8
(check out the pictures at the bottom of this post to see it on my nails)
With my love of the Essie Shine of the Times flaky top coat that I got, I decided to splurge on this color that I had been eyeballing for a long time. I can defiantly say that this will most likely be the last standard Essie polish that I buy. It was a nightmare. The first coat was a streaky mess. The formula is so incredibly watery & this causes a ton of streaks & brush strokes in you polish. Then every time I placed the brush on my nail it would leave an indentation in the polish coat (which was so frustrating, every time I tried to fix something I just made it worse) & it was really difficult to get it to spread without having spots with no polish. Plus it was sheer over about half the nail. I also noticed that the shade was a full 2-3 shades darker then the one in the bottle (which made it look awful on my skin tone). I also hate the brush when you are trying to cover a full nail evenly. It is so tiny & feels really cheap. Doing my second coat didn't make things any better. It was still very difficult to get an even coverage & the polish was still streaky. Plus it developed a streaked texture on top. It's kind of hard to explain but, it was basically full of ridges not like deep gouging brush streaks. And, it was still too dark. Of course, at this point I was very frustrated. I had my eye on this polish for a few months & completely regretted spending the money on it at this point. I decided that I had already gone through all this work, so I might as well throw a top coat on (I used Seche Vite) & wear it for a few days. Getting my top coat to go on somewhat even over all the little ridges was horrible & I ended up having to do a relatively thick coat. When I did finally get it on, it did even it out some. And it changed it back to the color that was in thee bottle, which I really don't get. In the end, my nails ended up looking pretty ok however, I can say that it was far more hassle then it's worth! From now on, I will save my $8 or spend it on an OPI polish (one coat & you're done!).

Nicole by OPI Polish in Rainbow in the S-Kylie- Target $8
(sorry, I forgot to take pictures when I had this on my nails)
I really really really love this polish! It is by far my favorite multi glitter that I own. It just looks amazing on. One coat covers well for a glitter top coat with the perfect coverage, two coats has complete coverage, three coats gives you complete glitter overload. The only downside is that it's a total pain to take off. Even using the foil method  (which I don't really like doing) requires some scrubbing too. But I can deal with that for how amazing & beautiful it looks on my nails.

NEW Wet N Wild ColorIcon Shimmer Singles in Sellout & Stagedive- Walgreens $2 each
(the pictures do not do Sellout justice. also, I didn't work to get the boldest swatches I could for these. I wanted to show you what they looked like just swiping your across them & then onto your skin)
These were the only 2 colors out of the new shadows that I really felt were new & unique. I love Sellout! The subtle rose undertone warms it up makes it such a wearable pink shadow. Stagedive is a very bright, opaque bold blue that I have yet to come across from any other drugstore brand. There is nothing timid about this color. These apply bold & blend well but do not go on as shimmery & glittery as they are in the packaging (that is pretty normal). I do wish they would come out with more unique colors in these singles.

Wet N Wild Lust 6 pan Eyeshadow Palette- K-Mart $3
(the camera didn't pick up the slight blue tone in the darkest matte color)
I see this at random places sometimes & finally decided to pick one up (I believe they were replaced by the 8 pan palettes at most places). There are 3 mattes & 3 satin/shimmer colors in these palettes. For some reason I just don't don't like these as much as my other WNW eyeshadow's. I can't really figure out exactly why they seem different but they do. They just don't seem to blend or apply as well as my other WNW shadows. They got a little muddy & blended away more then usual. I probably wouldn't have gotten more due to the fact that I don't really like the other colors anyway but, I would steer clear of these. In general I just didn't really like it & I can't really put my finger on why.

NYC Metro Quartet Eye Shadow in Queens Boulevard- K-Mart $4
(I had a little trouble getting the palette colors to show up in the pictures like they look to the eye)
I was so excited when I saw this color combination in a mini palette. I thought that this would be perfect for days when I wanted a little more color but didn't have a ton of time (I have a lot of little palettes that are for quickie grab & go style). When I was looking at it when I got home I instantly was a little confused on the sizes of each shadow. Why would the highlight color be twice the size of the all over lid color? Just didn't make sense to me. But that silliness aside, these shadows suck! Completely useless & a total waste of money. I will never get any use out of this. The amount of effort it takes to just get the product on your brush & then trying to get it to show up on your lid at all cuts out any time saving factor. Then, it looked horrible after all that damn work! All of the shadows have a strange red undertone that makes it look like you got punched in the eye. Even the highlight & blue one! (yes, the blue shadow has a strange red undertone) The only possible way I could ever get use out of this is if I want to get incredibly frustrated, waste a bunch of time & effort, & make it look like I got into a bar fight or something.

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick in Dollhouse Pink #967- Walgreens $2
When I was picking up some of the new eyeshadow singles I saw this on the display with it. The color was a beautiful light dolly/Barbie type of pink. I have used these lipsticks before so I know that they can be a little drying. I don't really mind this if I put a lip balm underneath because they will last most of the day. (the website says 4 hours but I've had them last much longer then that with eating & drinking) When I got it home I got worried that it may be too white based & I wouldn't be able to wear it. Those light, whitish pink colors never look good on me. : ( This does have a slight white cast but, it's minimal enough that if I pair it with a warm pink liner I can still wear it. All in all, I do like this but they are drying & watch out for some of the undertones you might not see when you're looking at them in store.

Wet N Wild Mega Shield Lipcolor in It's A Girl #371S- Walgreens $2
This is another thing from the new WNW line. I'm not really sure why I decided to try this. I don't really like the color all the much because it has a very orange/peach undertone that I don't think looks that great. It seems kind of 70's/80's in a bad way. (I think that these types of colors only look good on one very specific type of boho beach chic type of girl) I am also not the biggest fan of the formula. It is a very, very wet consistency. If you aren't careful with it, even opening the tube will cause it to get all over the place. It feels like there is a ton of product on your lips & it gets on everything. I had to blot 2-3 times to make it even wearable for me. Surprisingly though, it did last, with a toned down color, for quite a while. I personally do not like these (especially not this color) but don't think that they are necessarily a bad product. If you don't mind very wet formulas & being able to feel the product on your lips you might like these.

Maybelline Super Stay 10hr Stain Gloss in Fresh Fuschia #110- Target $8
(bottom picture was taken after I rubbed off the gloss topcoat)
I knew that I had to try these but did think that they were going to be a gimmick from the beginning, to be quite honest. This is kind of why I only got one & picked the safest shade (ie, one I knew I could get use out of).Well, as far as being gimmicky, they kind of are & they kind of aren't. They go on like a gloss with the most perfect finish I have ever felt. Not too creamy, not too slick, & not to sticky. I mean I really love the feeling of this on my lips & think that it is worth it for that alone. I absolutely love the applicator & think that it makes you get a much nicer, even finish. Although it is a little bit big & can make getting into tight spots a bit tricky. The gloss part did last a fairly long time, but nothing super spectacular or anything. When the glossy finish wears off you are left with some color behind, which I think is cool, but not quite up to the color payoff of a stain. I would say it's more like a light tint. It doesn't last as long as a stain either & defiantly not 10 hours. I would say 5-6 at most, & that's pushing it. So, do these hold up to their claims? Most certainly not. However, I will still probably buy a few more of these. Despite the lack of being a 10 hour stain gloss like they claim, I still really liked this.

ELF Gems Eyeshadow Brush & Blending Eye Brush- Target $3 each (clearance)
(please note that these pictures were taken after I had used & washed the brushes several times)
When I initially saw these at Target before Christmas I thought that they were beautiful but, over priced & probably really crappy but pretty. So, I didn't get them. When they went on clearance (not much off mind you) I happened to have a little extra money, so I decided to pick them up for something pretty to put on my vanity. I honestly didn't expect much else from them. When I took them out of the package I knew that I would love them. These are soft, dense, & perfectly shaped! These are not the gimmick brushes I was expecting at all. They are great little brushes that just happen to be beautiful as well. I highly recommend them for both their beauty & function!

Rite Aid Renewal Smudger Brush & Eyeshadow Brush- Rite Aid $4 each (I think these were on sale)
(please note that these pictures were taken after I had used & washed the brushes several times)
I originally saw these on Nouveau Cheap' Blog & thought that the smudger brush might be a good dupe for my Target on that I can't seem to find anymore. (they still make one by the same name but, it's not the same) I decided to pick up the eyeshadow brush as well because it looked like it was a good size & good quality. Plus, I dirty basic eyeshadow brushes like you wouldn't believe & could always use another one. I really like everything about these brushes & they remind me of slightly denser Real Techniques brushes. I also like the shape of the handle & the slightly rubbery texture. I defiantly think that I am going to try out some of the face brushes from this line soon.

Yes To Carrots Color Balm in Rosy Bloom & Soft Plum- Walgreens $5 each (with $2 off coupon!)
Unfortunately, I don't have swatches of these for you because I pretty much returned them as soon as I got them. These are awful! The colors show up next to nothing & are all brown based (despite the beautiful color code on the packaging & display). Meaning that they kind of give you that half dead 90's look. They aren't even really moisturizing & didn't even last a full 30 minutes on my lips! Awful, awful product! I can't think of one single good thing about them & they are really expensive too!

Essie's Cocktail Bling & Sally Hansen's Gem Crush Be-Jeweled

Wet N Wild On A Trip used for base color

Let me know what you thought of the first written Love It or Ditch It. 
Do you like it better this way or with the videos? 
What can I do to make these better?
(besides getting a camera that doesn't suck because I already know that one)


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