Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012 Random Purchases

I decided to make my random purchases posts kind of a monthly thing (it will depend on if I have enough each month). I really didn't do any specific shopping this month or look for anything in particular. I just kind of found a few random things that I really liked & picked up a couple of non-exciting things that I needed.
Although, the saddest thing did happen this month. My Sanrio store closed. (pouty sad face) It put me the worst funk. That store was my go to place when I was having a bad day or needed a little pick me up. Whenever I wanted something cute & girly I went there. The saddest part is that I didn't find out until the day it was closing, so pretty much everything was already gone & I didn't even get something pretty as a farewell. I just feel like a piece of my life is missing now. Totally over exaggerated & silly but, I really loved that store. Now I have to rely on the random Hello Kitty stuff at various stores to get my cute fix.

Ok, enough whining, let's get on to the random stuff I bought this month.

I am so mad about this jacket. I saw another one similar to this at Love Culture a while back but, it was like $40 & I just didn't think that it was worth it. Then I came across this babe hiding in the corner at Forever 21, in my size, for $20. Of course I snatched it up & was so proud of myself for finding almost the same jacket for half price. Then, I walk by Forever 21's front display a few weeks later & they have the same jacket but, the shearling part is fluffy, furry, long sheep hair type stuff. It is so beautiful! But I can't justify buying a jacket exactly like one I just bought simply because it's cute & furry.
I do really like this jacket though. It's one of those jackets that's casual but still looks really pulled together.

I really love this bracelet from Forever 21. Most of their stuff like this is plastic & really super light, which makes it feel weird when you wear it. Not this one. This one is super heavy & feels really solid on your wrist. Plus it looks great on & brings a hard, rocker edge to anything I wear. 

Got new workout pants since all of mine are capri style. Nothing exciting. Been being lazy & haven't even used them yet though.

Pretty Pretty! So here's the story behind me getting this beautiful purse: When I was at the mall for the after Christmas sales I randomly went into the Guess store. It's so unlike me, normally I avoid the designer places because I know everything is ridiculously priced. It must have been the pretty sign outside that said 60% off sale purses! I thought that this bag was so unique & cute but, I decided to pass on it. Then I went into Aldo & saw that their purses (which are not very good quality) are all around $50 now. That's just ridiculous! So, I came home & was telling the bf about the cute bag I saw at Guess & some Aldo bag I kind of liked & how they were almost the same price & that I just thought that was insane. Of course being the sweety that he is, he listened to my insane ramblings, & looked at the purses as I blabbed on. Then out of nowhere he tells me that he's going to give me the money for the furry Guess purse because he likes it & thinks that it's really unique! I was so surprised. I have babied the living crap out of this thing since I got it (I won't even set it on the floor at my house, it has a special spot on my end table). It's the first designer purse I've ever owned that wasn't something low end designer-ish from TJ Maxx or Ross.
Many of you know that I just order another purse from Mark a few days ago & might be wondering why I would do that when I have this beauty. Despite the fact that I love this bag, I just don't think that it will be good for when I start school or go with much this summer, so I needed something for that. I do plan on getting a great deal of use out of this baby!

LOVE! The day that I found out my Hello Kitty store was closing I ran across these bad boys at Charlotte Russe. I figured that if I can't have cute Hello Kitty stuff, I deserved cute shoes. I had never seen these on display & can't find them on the website but, they were on the sale rack for only $20! These are exactly like Jeffery Campbell Lita's down to the last little stitching detail. Plus, these are more comfortable then my Chuck's. I get so many complements on these every time I wear them & think that I might be slightly obsessed with trying to build every outfit I wear around these shoes!

Random but, I needed some colored dry erase markers because I was sick of my white board being all plain. I like that these ones have a little magnet on the back so they don't take up space in my pen cup. And I needed some new colored ball point pens because mine were running out. These ones are cute but sucked & wouldn't even write, they just leaked everywhere. So, 

I got these ones instead & love them. They write so smooth & the whole pack was under $4.

Saw this when I was picking up pens at Target. 3 feet of Hello Kitty love stickers! 
Really, how could I pass these up?

Hello Kitty notebooks. The two larger ones are super thin & have cute designs on the pages. I figured that I could use this for taking notes when I start school because their not to big & bulky. I got these from my local asian market. The glittery one I got from Barnes & Noble just because I couldn't resist how adorably cute it is. The pages have the most awesome 80's style little pictures on them. <3

 I saw this Hello Kitty line at Claire's quite a while ago & didn't pick anything up because I knew that I wouldn't get much use out of it (mainly because it didn't go with anything I wear). I figured that I could pick up this little coin purse for my club cards. Because it's small, it doesn't really matter if it doesn't match the rest of my purse & outfit. I think I'm just trying to justify it because I thought it was cute.

My new sunglasses! I think that these are my favorite sunglasses since my pretty zebra ones broke. I have a few cat eye glasses & a few rock chick style glasses but these are the perfect mix between the two. Girly but rocking at the same time.
(ignore the awful picture of me. this is what I look like after working all day)

Pouch type thingy.I figured that this would be good to put all my personal stuff in & throw in my school bag. Just enough room for ID, CC, phone, powder, eyeliner, keys, & one or two other things. 

Amazing, unique metallic pants! I found these at Rue 21 & it was love at first sight! I don't own anything like these.  I have glitter pants & shiny pants but no silver metallic pants. I can't wait to wear these out, I know that they are just going to blow people away! This picture does not do these justice. They look like liquid metal on your legs!

Simple, cute silver crackle flats for bumming around this summer.

 I picked these up from so that I didn't have to pay shipping on my order. I really like them though. I think that they will be nice for family events or more casual meetings/events. The glitter is a little too loose for regular daily wear.

That's it. Like I said, just a bunch of random stuff.
Let me know if you like this being a semi-monthly thing or not.

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