Saturday, December 31, 2011

Casual Club OOTD

Last post of 2011!
A couple of weeks ago we went downtown to The Church nightclub to see one of my very old friends Tower DJ. He seamlessly blends old school punk & goth with newer indie & electroclash, so of course he's one of my favorite DJ's & always keeps me dancing.
I wanted to keep my outfit a little more casual but still fit with the night.

I decided to go with my Forever 21 leopard stretch jeans & a simple flowy tank top with one of my layered belts. Only later did I realize the irony that I was wearing a big cross & going to The Church. Keeping the outfit monotone & with a looser shirt on top kept the outfit more casual.

I couldn't wear my usual tall platform shoes because there was a ton of snow & ice outside. These ones are great for the winter months because they strap on & have a wider, lower heel. They still look awesome though & totally go with any rocker style outfit.

I always pile on tons of rings & throw in some random leather & metal bracelets.

Black peacock feather earring I made. I love how subtle this is because it mixes in with my hair but it still makes a big impact. Random chains & Forever 21 electric necklace.

For my makeup I used my Wet N Wild Spoiled Brat trio. This is my go to palette when I want something semi glam but don't really know what to do. Then I added these great sparkly lashes from Salon Perfect. I saw these at Walmart the day before & knew that I had to have them.

I did my nails by painting 2 base coats of pink. Then I took the side of the brush for my black polish & painted it down one side. Finally I just painted a sliver glitter stripe down each side of the black using a Kiss Nail Art Paint. They look super impressive but were really easy to do, just a little time consuming.

I hope that everyone had a fabulous 2011 & has an even better 2012.
I am going to be doing several posts on New Years resolutions & stuff next week. Also a picture guide on how I designed my own custom planner from a plain black, business looking one.

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