Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Purchases

I have been doing some miscellaneous shopping lately & thought that I would share what I've been getting with all of you. Most of it is just random winter clothes & some new accessories (not that I need anymore).

I didn't do a whole lot of shopping for Black Friday but, there was 1 deal that I had been waiting for & that's Bath & Body Works candle sale. Their candles are 2 for $20 every couple of months & this is the only time I will buy them.

The BF & I have very different tastes when it comes to scents (he's earthy & musky, I'm sweet & fruity) so we have been trying to find things somewhere in a middle ground.
We've been burning Cranberry Woods (as you can see) & both really like it so far.

I also ended up picking up some hand soaps while they were on sale & this adorable pink, glittery bow topper for them. It makes it look so cute & girly!!!

The only other place I went for Black Friday was Charlotte Russe for their jewelry sale.
I picked up quite a few bracelets that aren't like anything I have & a little girlier than most of my other jewelry. Plus a really cute blinged bunny that is going to become part of a purse charm I'm working on.

I have been on the hunt for a pair of boots that are the winter equivalent to my chucks & sparkly tennies. Something that goes with everything, isn't too fussy but, still adds a certain amount of style to jeans & a t-shirt.
I finally found them at Ross for only $25!

I love these boots! Many of the styles I looked at were too combat boot looking or only had the lining on top & would have been cold as hell. These are perfect & exactly what I needed!

While I was at Ross I found these cute long sleeve shirts. I love how basic they are with the cute burn through design so they can be casual or dressed up. I think they're going to look super cute with my fur vest.

I spotted these earrings at Icing's about a month ago but thought that they were way over priced, so I didn't get them. After a month of thinking about them (& finding out it would cost me double to make them) I decided to pick them up.

(sorry for the kind of crappy pic) They are so Barbie meets rock & roll & will fit in my wardrobe nicely.

H&M finally opened here a little over a month ago & I was so excited to finally have a chance to go. I was very disappointed. It was very bland & there wasn't the normal range of really killer stuff. I have been to H&M in Vegas & California & they are amazing! Matt has to practically drag me out of the store & I always end up blow twice what I planned. I thought that maybe I was just overly excited & maybe that's why I was so disappointed but, when I went around the corner to Forever 21 there were other girls talking about what a disappointment it was compared to other stores they had been to as well.
I did end up finding a few cute things though. However, the one thing that I truly fell in love with (a pair of chunky boots with black, texturized snake skin) they only had in a size 8 (half a size too small). They had 6 pairs of size 8 & nothing else! What the hell!!!

(I could not get this to photograph worth a crap! it is actually a light rose baby pink & really cute, not this ugly dirty pink) This cute pink fur shawl that I think will look adorable when paired with a sparkly sweater or peaking out from beneath a jacket.

(sorry for the abundance of pictures, I wanted to show you the texturizing of the fur. it really makes this jacket unique) I saw this on a random rack & it was only $15, so I decided to pick it up. I couldn't pass up a fur jacket for that price, I was sure I'd find a use for it. I love this thing! I have worn the crap out of it & was probably the best purchase I made there. Due to the elastic at the waist & wrist, plus the hood, & the texture of the jacket this is like an awesome fur hoodie. It adds just a little bit of an edge to a casual outfit & doesn't make it look fussy like my other fur jackets.

Simple, flowy tank for the summer.

(the pictures of this look like crap & don't do it justice at all!) One of the things that I was super excited to get was a metallic silver sweater I had seen on HRH Collection's blog a while back. They had it for kids but I couldn't find an adult one for the life of me. I did however find this lavender sweater with metallic thread running trough it, so I guess it will have to do. The only problem with it is that it snags so easily! I'll just have to be extra careful with it (not really my fortay).

I also ended up finding a few pairs of lashes. These are double the price of Forever 21's lashes & no where near the quality. The purple & black ones were $5 & I am going to have to trim off the edges because they're all frayed! The box of 3 pairs were $8 & they look a little bit plasticy to me. I wanted to give them a try because they were fun & dramatic but, I think that for the price I'll stick with Forever 21 or Sephora lashes from now on.

I think that the thing I was most disappointed with was the jewelry. When I was in Vegas I had a hard time not buying the entire section, I loved everything. This bracelet was the only thing I could find that I even remotely liked this time. At least it fits me though, which is a good thing about their jewelry. Most bracelets are huge on me & I can forget about wearing a bangle unless it's made for a child. Their's fit me pretty well, which hopefully means they will get some better stuff in soon.

Due to my disappointment at H&M I talked the BF into spending some extra time shopping over at Forever 21. I could have bought $1000 worth of stuff easily. Unfortunately, I didn't have that kind of budget & had spent most of my money already. I did end up getting some cute stuff though.

(tried to get pictures of the cool colors & glitter but it didn't work too well. you have to see these in person to truly appreciate how amazing they are!) I have seen these at a lot of stores but, they never have anything that is remotely close to my size. In between the 30's & up I spotted one lone 25! I am so happy that I finally got my hands on these! I call them my galaxy pants & I love them! They have gold glitter & a bronze & navy almost dual chrome to them. If you get a chance, buy them!

I love this top & can't wait to wear it this summer. I wanted to get the maxi skirt that's in the same material but sadly couldn't find it.

Random earrings & headbands. I love how the little hearts look like something from Betsey Johnson & for less then $4! The bows on these headbands lay flat but floppy against your head & totally look like the cute ones all the Japanese girls wear, only $1 a piece!

I have never tried any of their fragrances before but decided to give this one a shot. The packaging caught my attention as I was checking out & I had to smell it. It's not like anything else I own & the BF actually liked it so, I had to get back in line & get it. We'll see how it works out.

A couple of weeks ago I saw this really cute phone case at one of the mall kiosks. Unfortunately they only had it for Iphone & it was $20! I found it for my phone on Amazon & for $5 after shipping!

Hello cute, girly, nautical, sparkly goodness! I love the silver & baby pink stripes.

I recently found this blog nouveaucheap & love it. I was looking at past posts & came across this gorgeous nail polish similar to my other Revlon dupes of Debra Lipman polishes. They said that you could find it Bed Bath & Beyond & I couldn't wait to go. It was a treasure trove of beauty goodness. So many limited edition things that I thought I wouldn't be able to get anymore were there & they had the full line of lip butters. I didn't have a ton to spend that day but, you can guarantee that I'll be back soon!

Revlon polish in Whimsical, I can't wait to try this. They also had two of the Sinful Colors that I haven't been able to find at my local Walgreens.

Finally thing is just something that I found at my local TJ Maxx.

 I have been needing to rearrange my jewelry set up for a while & found this in the office section. It's perfect for my feather hair accessories, so I can lay them flat & they don't get mangled. It's also great for my post earrings because I can spread them out & not have to dig for them. I like that it's not a big jewelry chest that I have to find space for too, I can just set it on my dresser. It doesn't really go with my room, which is the only down side, but with how functionally perfect it is I can ignore that. Besides, it's not like it's ugly or anything.

So, that's everything. Let me know if you wold like to see more posts like this.

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