Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Birthday Wishlist!

My Birthday Wishlist!

I thought that it would be fun to post my birthday wish list up here
(so you can all see the way over priced stuff I have been lusting over that I would never end up buying for myself)

There is no way that I will end up getting all of this; actually, more then likely, I will get a new camera (because it's the only thing that I actually need) & maybe the book or film. But it's always fun to fantasize about what you want for your birthday. 

Fashion Book that I saw at the book store (I have no idea who it's by); Hello Kitty Instax Mini Film; New Camera (I'm thinking about this Canon Powershot SX40); Phosphor Watch in pink on pink leather; Nespresso  Citiz w/ Milk Machine (I didn't get what all the hype of this was about until I tried a cup of coffee from it, it's HEAVEN! so worth the money); Iphone with Bunny Case (I just want an Iphone because you can get tons of really cool cases for it everywhere, but seeing as how I have T-mobile, I doubt that will happen. I have noticed that you can get the bunny cases for SG2's though, so maybe I'll get one of those eventually)

What cool stuff have you been lusting after lately? 


  1. I finally just bought a new Canon camera. It was expensive but well worth it! I love that rhinestone watch!

    1. I love the rotating screen on that Canon & that was the main reason that I will probably go with that one. What kind of Canon did you get? I'm glad that you love yours. I have been drooling over that watch for a while now. You can make it so that the time disappears & it's just a crystal face. It's so awesome!

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