Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Weekend In May (day in the life X3) Pic Heavy!!!

There are depictions of alcohol in this post! I am over 21 & do not promote underage drinking.

I knew that I had a fairly busy weekend planned so, I decided to take my camera with me & post a weekend in pictures. A lot of what I did was shopping & those pieces will be included in my random purchases this month (yes, I will be making sure to get that up at the end of the month). I decided to leave them out of this post because it already had a million pictures. 
I took a lot more pictures on Friday but, that's just because I did more interesting things that day. Saturday & Sunday were spent shopping to get ready for school in 2 weeks!
I can't believe that I start school in just 2 weeks! Not that long ago it seemed so far off & now it's just around the corner. I was freaking out a little bit because I felt really unprepared but, after this weekend I feel like I'm in a good place.
I still haven't found the perfect shoes though, so that's making me a little nervous. I have two semi-ok options but, I'm not 100% sold on either just yet. I want something that isn't black, is stylish & chic but a little rock n' roll, & I can stand in for 12+ hours a day; plus I have to wear socks with them (that part is becoming near impossible to find!).
Anyway, let's get on with my weekend...


Starting my day off with cartoon character overload! 

I'm not great at eating well in the mornings so, I bought these little apple packs. They are really good & a nice little pick me up in the morning. Of course I have to have my coffee & a nice little chocolate treat too. 

 Hanging out with Yumi & watching TV before I have to start doing things. We love to snuggle! 

Decided to finally attack the corner with all my jewelry. It has been a mess since I moved my makeup in there. Still not sure where I'm going to put my earring holder though.

 Time for laundry so I have nice clean clothes all weekend. Laundry has become so much more bearable since I got this detergent. It smells amazing & the scent really stays on your clothes.

Yumi decides that watching me do all this work is exhausting & takes a nap. 

Outfit for the day! I wish I could have gotten pictures wearing it :( 

Hair crap for the day, pretty waves. 

Makeup used

 Perfume & jewelry. Paris Hilton Can Can is my favorite perfume & has been for a long time now!

Look of the Day
(my eyebrows look weird in the pic but, looked awesome in person; just fyi)

 I was supposed to have coffee with a friend of mine but, it ended up falling through. So instead, I talked Matt into taking me to one of my all time favorite dinners, Pete's Kitchen!!! This place has the most amazing cheese fries ever!!! I can only ever eat about half of what I order but, I just love them so much! They pair perfectly with a chocolate milkshake & ranch. MMMMM YUMMY

Saw this poster while I was walking around & thought it was awesome. Totally made me laugh. 

Time to go to the book store! The book store is one of my favorite places to waste time (& money)

This cute book was displayed up front.  

 I love Sharon Stone on this cover. It's such a strong look!
Even if you're not into Burlesque I suggest thumbing through this magazine. The imagery was spectacular & so vivid.

This double book was amazing (& a great deal at $60). I so wanted to buy it but unfortunately, I have too many other expenses at the moment & couldn't convince myself that I needed it enough.

Loved this design in one of the home books I thumbed through. The perfect balance between comfy & chic with enough little touches without being cluttered. Reminded me to start investing in my house once my current costs die down a little. After looking at so many design books lately, I can't wait to get back to redecorating my house!

Off to the record store. I love this one for it's amazing selection of CD's, vinyl, used stuff, & tons of random fun stuff. 

I loved this book. It made me laugh so hard!
Little stuff like this is why I love this record store so much! 

Only bought one thing.  I've been in a big Psychedelic Furs mood lately & decided to get a best of mix for the car. I love best of CD's for the car, Best of Love & Rockets is one of my all time favorites. The songs vary so much, it's like a mixed CD. I think that this may be a close second for quite a while.

Then we decided to go get a drink at one of our favorite places! This place is small & always overcrowded but the atmosphere is so amazing & the people are so nice.

I love the lighting in here. The soft pink glow instantly puts you in a great mood. It makes me really want to do something like this in my house. 

They have a whole wall of pictures of Jesus (& a few angles) 

I decided to be fancy & get a Cosmopolitan for a change of pace. It may seem pretentious but, I love drinking out of martini glasses.

Even the outside is decorated super fun! Yes those are stringed lamps in the tree & yes they really do work! 

 Time to go home, have one of my favorite drinks & watch last weeks CSI. I swear you can add peach schnapps & cranberry juice to any alcohol & it tastes amazing. Unfortunately, everything with that in it has some dirty, pervert name so, I won't order them in public. Thank god for little, single serving Club drinks.
Time to get ready for bed & play attack spider with Yumi. It's a fun game that Matt & I made up to wear him out before bed. One of us moves our hand around like spider legs on the bed & he attacks it, trying to protect the other one. He makes the cutest little growly noise when he does it that always makes me smile & ends my day on a good note. Then, when he's done, he'll go snuggle with your feet.

Then it's time for Buffy or Angel on my Kindle. I'm almost done with Buffy & have 1 more season of Angle. I don't know what I'm going to do when they're finished :( Need to find a new bedtime show on Amazon. Any suggestions? 

Yumi gives himself a pre-bed bath while I watch my show.


Makeup for the day. I just pulled my hair into a messy side bun because I didn't have a whole ton of time to get ready. Today is school shopping day.

 Perfume & jewelry for the day.

 Bad pictures of my makeup

 & bad pictures of my outfit
Nothing too dramatic. It was cold & rainy outside & I knew that I was going to be walking around all day long, so I wanted to keep it simple.

No time for breakfast. Just coffee while I'm getting ready. 

Matt got hungry, so we decided to stop at Panda Express. Look how cute the little panda chefs are! 

Lot's of fried goodness; unfortunately they don't  have a ton of options for people who don't eat mammals or poultry. They do have amazing vegetables though.

 We sat by this cute, bright panda panting.

 Matt & my fortunes. 

Then we spent like 6 hours at Park Meadows Mall looking for school clothes & stuff. I didn't take pictures because I was in mission mode. I will include all of the goodies in my random monthly purchases. It doesn't seem like I got a whole lot of stuff because a lot of the time was spent looking for shoes. Plus, I spent a lot of time looking for just the right peices & trying everything on. I really want to find a great balance between uptown chic, soho artsy cool, & rock chick. Matt says that I'm going to end up looking like a mod beatnik.

After an exhausting shopping day (yes, for the first time ever, I actually wore myself out shopping to the point that I simply could not try on a another pair of shoes) we decided to head down to one of our all time favorite spots, Sputnik, for a beer & bite to eat. This is one of the only bars that I know where the food stands all on it's own & is amazing; not your typical greasy bar nastiness.

I was never a big beer drinker but, Strongbow is defiantly one of my favorites. It's like beer but fruity. Matt went for a New Castle since they no longer carry his favorite, 90 Schillings. 

Matt got his standard grilled cheese & fries. He swears it's the best he's ever had anywhere. 

I couldn't stand another fried food item so, I went with the heart of palm salad. It is so amazingly delicious, especially when you add avocado. It's unlike salad I've had anyplace else.

Sputnik is just a fun place to hang out. 

 They always have unique local artist on display. I wish I could have gotten more pictures of some of the stuff they had hanging up that day.

 Then we stopped by the used video store to pick up a few things. A few weeks ago we realized that somehow we don't own Fight Club!?! How is that possible? Othello is something we've been on the hunt for for a while now. Watching Romeo & Juliet the other night made me really miss Moulin Rouge (I wore out my VHS copy ages ago). & the movie of the night? My favorite Batman movie. Doesn't require thought after a long day of shopping & is visually stunning! Plus I love the way Uma Thurman looks in this movie. Makes me want to dye my hair back to red!


Very simple makeup for the day.  

Perfume & jewelry. Once again, simple day. 
I forgot to take pictures of my hair, makeup, &  outfit but, you can see them in a few pictures below. They weren't really anything special anyway.

No time for real food. I just grabbed my SoyJoy out of my VoxBox (it was surprisingly good). & of course I have to have my coffee!

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of this poster in Starbucks, it was so beautiful! I would totally put this up in my house.

Got all of my basics & talked Matt into buying me a little treat at Ulta. I also decided to get a yoga mat so I can start going at the school. I think that it's so neat that they offer that & I'm excited to give it a try. I've never done actual yoga & haven't worked out in forever so, it should be interesting to see how this works out. 

Dinner time! I couldn't stand another yucky, bad food item so, I decided to make mushroom & shrimp alfredo with sun-dried tomatoes. It was super good & exactly the nice full meal that I needed to help me wind down from the chaotic weekend.

Then I discovered that my phone case finally started falling apart :( I've had it for quite a while, so it's no big surprise but, now I don't know what one I want to get for it or if I want to get a new phone. (I did see the new ultra slim HTC & thought it was awesome) I have wanted a big deco case for a long time now but, want to make sure I'm going to keep my phone for a long time before I invest the $100 in one.

 Time to relax & watch Moulin Rouge. Apparently, my lap is the best seat in the house!

  Babaroy got bored & went to play somewhere else. So I thought it was time to lay back & enjoy the movie. I was wrong!

You can see the mischievous thoughts brewing in that adorable little face! 

 Yumi decided it was time to attack me & play instead of watching the movie!

 But he got tuckered out pretty quickly & decided it was time for a nap on mom's lap.

 I love how they did Roxanne in the movie. I don't even really like that song but I love that part of the movie! He just does such a better job of singing it.
Time to do my nails! I wanted to use some pearls I had ordered off ebay a little while ago & came up with this cute girly springtime look.

It's almost bed time but Yumi's got that look in his eyes. That makes me think that I might have to run around for a while before I get to bed. It's always play time in the house of Yumi!

I hope that you all had a great weekend. My was exhausting but fun. I feel much more prepared for school & got to spend some quality time with Matt. I still have a few odds & ends that I want to pick up but overall I got everything taken care of this weekend. Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to wear for my first day! So many options!
I really liked doing this but hated that half of the pictures came out awesome & the other half sucked! I really need to get a new camera for my birthday even though there are other things that I wanted to ask for. Maybe, just for fun, I'll do a birthday wishlist post later this week.

Let me know what you thought of this extra long random post! Comment down below!

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