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April and May 2012 Random Purchases (School Shopping)

I didn't do much shopping last month, & with my massive procrastination of getting up last months monthly posts, I just decided to combine it with this months.
The past month has pretty much been all about shoes & school shopping. I went way, way overboard extreme on shoes this month. It's actually kind of embarrassing. 
Those of you that have been following me for a while know that this is not my normal spending. Those of you that are new to my random purchases, please don't think that I buy $100 shoes everyday. This is way not the norm for me!
Anyway, I have been changing up my style a little bit over the past few months & found some really great chicer pieces to go with that. I also finally feel like I'm prepared for school (so brace yourself for an abundance of black at the end).
As I type this I have 2 days before I start school! I'm at that point where I'm equally nervous & excited! It seems to have come up so quick. But, I think I'm ready!
(I didn't end up getting this posted until after I already started school due to the sheer amount of chaos)

On to my ridiculous amount of shopping!

I have been loving various peoples high end men wear style rose gold watches for a long time now. I didn't really want to invest money in one though because I didn't really know how much I would end up wearing it. Then I spotted this beauty at Target for $30. I love how the "diamonds" girly it up a little bit. Plus a bonus bracelet.

As most of you know, my hunt for the perfect purse has been a never ending quest. While I was looking for a good school bag on ebay I came across this beauty. When I first saw it I loved the little tassel & zipper details. While there are one or two things about this bag that drive me a little nuts, I absolutely love it! It isn't structured but, hangs beautifully from the handles or shoulder strap (this is the first bag I have found that looks good both ways). The shape & details make it look great with a t-shirt & chucks or a really nice chic outfit or even more funky playful outfits (once again, a first). I have really fallen in love with this bag & am even thinking about buying another one in case this one wears out! 
When I ordered the bag, I saw this little envelope wallet clutch for a few dollars. I don't really know why I wanted to get it but, I'm really happy that I did. I had originally ordered a soft nude blush color but, got this white one & couldn't get it sorted out with the seller. I really like that I can just fit a few key cards & have room receipts in here. This is the first small wallet I have ever owed & I have to say that the change is quite nice. It is so small & thin that I can just grab it & run out the door. The only thing that I don't like about it is that it gets really dirty. Everything seems to mark this up & it drives me nuts that I have to clean it all the time. Overall, this random find has changed the way I look at wallets.
I plan on doing a what's in my bag video with these in the next few days. (whenever I get boxes moved out of my living room)

I ordered this cute ring for $1 when I got my purse & wallet. I can't believe how well made it is for just $1! I get so many complements when I wear it.

(the picture kind of dulled out the color. it's a rich black with brass studs)
 This is the school bag that I ended up deciding on. I had actually originally picked a different one & then when I went to buy it every single seller was out! I don't even know how that happens in a week! I am actually kind of glad though because I really love this one. I was kind of 50-50 when I bought it but, once I saw it in person I knew I had made the right choice. It is so incredibly well made & looks amazing when you carry it! It's like Audrey Hepburn meets Joan Jett! It's a perfect size too. Big enough to fit my book, notes, & Ipad but small enough to not feel cumbersome if I have to carry it with my full kit. I also like that it has the shorter straps that can fit on my arm or shoulder plus a longer strap that can go on my shoulder or cross body.
I also plan on doing a what's in my school bag video sometime next week.
I was so excited to get a Hello Kitty case for my Ipad when I found out I would be getting one for school. I looked at tons of really cute pink ones but, in the end found this one & knew that I had to have it. I love how chic & professional it looks until you see it up close & get a cute HK surprise! I feel that it is the embodiment of where my life is right now! (is that weird to say about a HK Ipad case?) A little bit chic but, cute & unique up close.

 Can you guess what's inside all this foam & bubble wrap?

 Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Lita's!!! I finally took the plunge & bought these bad boys! I have really wanted them for a long time & I'm so happy that I finally got them! These are seriously the most comfortable shoes that I have ever owned too! (even compared to my flats & chucks & other shoes like that) I love them! (ok, enough exclamation points now)

A few days after I ordered my JC's I was looking for school shoes online & I spotted these. I was true love at first sight! I instantly knew that I had to have these shoes immediately. It's very, very rare that I have that kind of instant reaction to something & I knew that these were special. I went down to Nordstroms that night & tried them on. They looked so beautiful on my feet & I guiltily bought them. I'm not proud of being so impulsive on this but, these shoes are so spectacular it's kind of hard to feel bad about it. What I found so strange is that I was so drawn to the gold ones, seeing as how I have never been very fond of gold. I get the feeling that these shoes may have changed that though. I suddenly find myself looking at pretty gold things after seeing how amazing these shoes look in their golden glory.

Some really cute shirts that I got at Target. Their spring/summer stuff is really cute this year. It's fun but  kind of high end stylish too. The stripped shirt looks so cute with dark wash jeans, chucks, & a high bun; it's very casual Parisian chic. I've been trying to look more pulled together & these tops are perfect for that. They are simple & comfortable but look super stylish.

I have been looking for the perfect fitted but flowy white/cream  sweater ever since I saw this post by HRH Collection. She just makes it look so casual but sophisticatedly pulled together. I really want to attempt to pull together something similar & I found a great sweater at Target (it's actually from a sleep wear collection).

I finally found a nice pair of shiny blush nude flats. I have been looking for a good pair for over a year.

 I found these awesome tri-colored pumps for only $10!

I love that these hairbands have the slight metal detail that makes them a little bit more stylish.

 I love this shirt, it reminds me of a circus tent!

 Simple dark wash jeans I found on sale for $8

A few necklaces from Forever 21

I can't find the perfect blue suede shoes so I settled for a blue suede belt instead

 Random clearance nail stuff that I got at Walgreens. With coupons & discounts I got the Impress Nails for $2.50 & the Nail Art Charms for $1!

 At Aveda you can only wear Aveda all natural fragrances, so my normal Paris Hilton Can Can wouldn't work. While most of their scents are nice, they are all quite musky/earthy which is not what I prefer. Then I found out you can go into the store & custom mix your own scent for $20. While I think it was a tad bit over priced for the amount you get, I'm happy that I have a scent I'm comfortable with. I mixed  #3 (Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Rose) with a little bit of #12 (Peppermint, Eucalyptus). It's sweet but grounded & a little bit spicy, & I really love the hint of mint in it.

I got a sample of Wen at the mall & was really excited to finally get the chance to try it out. (I tried it & it instantly started stripping out my hair dye) I also got an EOS hand lotion. I thought that I would be able to empty it out & use it for my hand sanitizer since it is a slim container. The lotion it's self is ok but nothing special & the smell is a little overwhelmingly sweet.

Random little notepads for jotting down to do & shopping lists 

Cute long cross ring (I would really like to invest in a higher quality one sometime) & oval hoop earrings (because I always feel like my regular hoops stick out to much & these sit flatter)

Miscellaneous accessories from Forever 21 & Love Culture

 I had never seen a teasing comb like this before, so I thought that I would give it a try. So far, I really like it. It gives really good lift without having to do as much taming as a normal comb.

 I have been wanting geek chic glasses forever but could never find a pair that looked ok on me. I finally found these ones at Target & they are perfect. I love that their blue instead of black too.

Aveda offers free yoga after school so I picked up a yoga mat & pants. I have been going once a week & I really love it. It's a lot more intense then I thought it was going to be though. I thought it would just be some relaxing, gentle stretching but it's a full blown workout.

Colorado State board requires you to wear socks at all times in a salon or spa so I picked up these baby socks to wear with my loafers. Nothing special but, they get the job done.

I love this blue top from Forever 21. It's just a stylish upgrade on a t-shirt. Just as easy to throw on with jeans & flats but looks so much more pulled together.

Just some t-shirts. I was really drawn to this grey stripped one for some reason.

Black pants for school 

Black undershirts & camis for school

 Black shirts, cardigans, & a blazer for school
I really tried to pull together all black outfits that still kept the basis of my style

After month of looking, I finally found a pair of flat shoes for school. I hate the plaid lining though & am going to put a cheetah print inside instead.  These go with chic stylish outfits & casual t-shirts (which was super hard to find). I do need to get them stretched out in the toe a little bit though.

In the end, I couldn't pass on these Steve Maddens though. They are so comfortable & I just love how they look with my school outfits. I can even drive in them! These are a definite win! They add a little bit of refined rocker edge to otherwise chic looks.

That's all for this month! Sorry it took me so long to get this up. I just got overwhelmed with school my first week & preparing for it the week before.
I really love school so far but, it is an insane amount of work. I can't wait until we get to start doing practicals (actually practicing facials & stuff). My teacher & class mates are amazing & everyone at Aveda is so sweet & supportive.
I am hoping to write out a blog post about my first few weeks in school here soon, but I need to wait until I have a little bit more time.

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