Saturday, February 4, 2012

Boho Chic Rocker OOTD

For some odd, random reason I decided that I wanted to do a boho chic rocker type of look one day.
I didn't really plan it out so, I kind of threw it together in just a few minutes.
I am pretty happy with how it came out but, I do think that I would change a few things for next time. (Maybe add some feather earrings & a few more long necklaces, plus probably wear different boots)
I think that something like this is perfect for the fall & slightly warmer winter days. 
(please feel free to ignore my super messy desk & bad nails)

I grounded a simple black & blue smokey eye with a nice medium brown around the outer edges & paired it with a sheer darker toned lip. I wrapped my hair around the outside of my 1" curling iron for some quick messy curls.

The only boho type of necklace that I own. Need to get some more! 

Chunky ring (& one coat fast dry polish that looks awful but was better then nothing) 

These are the only slouchy type of boots that I own but, I think after liking this look so much, I might start looking for a better pair.

I defiantly like this look & think that I might try to pull something a little better together in the near future (before it gets too warm)
Let me know any suggestions you have or
tell me about some random mod podge looks you've come up with.

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