Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love It Or Ditch It- Putting Foundation On With Your Fingers

I know that normally my Love It Or Ditch It's are product reviews but, this is going to be something a little bit different. It is still going to be a review of sorts, however it won't be on a product.

For the past few years I have been seeing tons of people boast about putting foundation on with your fingers/hands instead of a brush. They say that it blends better & that your fingers help warm the product into your skin .
Well, first of all I don't like things on my hands to begin with & think that it would be all too easy to spread bacteria by using your hands (unless you thoroughly scrub under your fingernails & don't touch anything that isn't sanitized afterwords, which I doubt most people do). So basically, I just think that the idea of it is gross in general. Second, your hands aren't generally any warmer then your face. So I'm not entirely sure how it warms the makeup anymore or melts it into your skin.

I have always used some sort of tool to apply my foundation. Even when I very first started out, I used sponge wedges. However, I have used my finger to pat on a little under eye concealer from time to time. I don't personally see a difference in blending or anything & it actually seems to give me a lighter coverage when I do this.
So, with all the hype going around, I figured I should give it a shot & see how it goes.

It was a train wreck! The foundation just smeared all over. There was a ton of streaking & I couldn't get an even coverage no matter how hard I tried. Blending down my neck was impossible & I had an obvious distinction around my ears & hairline. I also had tremendous difficulty getting it into any type of crease (like around my nose). When I put my powder on afterwards, it caked up in some areas & made my skin look really dry in other areas.
I had to wipe it all off & start all over.
After that, I will never be using my hands to apply my foundation again. I will continue to use my fingers to apply creams to small areas (like doting on concealer under foundation or eyelid primer) but never again in a larger area.

My favorite foundation brushes are the Real Techniques Stippling Brush & the Sephora Collection I.T. Natural Foundation Brush. The Real Techniques allows me to build a fuller coverage where as the Sephora Collection I.T. gives a slightly more airbrushed effect. There isn't really one that I like better then the other & generally just switch between the two. These always give me great coverage & a nice blended finish.

If you use your fingers to apply your foundation & have any information or tips, please comment below & let me know.

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