Monday, May 9, 2011

Love It Or Ditch It- Collective Nail Review/Haul (April2011)

I seem to have gone nail crazy this month! I'm not sure if it's just because everywhere had nail polish on sale. Maybe because the weather is warming up & I know I wont be wearing boots & gloves everyday? I do seem to be getting quite into my nails lately though. I don't know but, here are my thoughts on some of the new products I have tried & a bunch of new colors from one of my favorites!

Sinful Colors: Walgreens, on sale for .99cents
Rise & Shine- matte-ish emerald green with tiny shimmer
Beautiful Girl- creamy lacquer baby pink
Purple Diamond- supper shimmer light purple/pink, comes out very light
Why Not- definitely my favorite out of the bunch, beautiful creamy vibrant lacquer style medium blue
Love Nails- sheer blue green opalescent
Snow Me White-basic white
Let's Meet- opalescent slightly sheer golden yellow
Midnight Blue- deep slightly shimmery dark blue
I Love You- fine purple/bronzy-ish glitter with sheer dark purple base

Sally Hansen HD: available everywhere $6
DVD 15- beautiful mutli-toned (blue, teal, purple, & pink)!!! Love over black nail polish
Byte 09- basic shimmery hot pink, nothing special

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover:  Walgreens $6
I would not suggest this at all! It got my cuticles off ok but, left me with an indentation in my nails where I had used it. Bad bad bad!

Nail Tek Foundation 2: Ulta  $11
I had originally gotten the Intensive Therapy, which I do feel like helped my nails regain after false tips, but it made my polish peel off almost instantly. I will do an updated review on this once I have used it with other nail polishes & top coats.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat- Sallys $6 (I think it was $1 off)
doesn't leave my nails super gloss like I am used to, does dry fairly quickly though.

Finger Paints: Sally's $5 buy2get1
Get Real-ism!- grey toned almost pastel purple

China Glaze: Sally's $5 buy2get1
(I have noticed that these dry almost instantly & it's sometimes hard to get a nice even application for me but, once again I am a nail novice & seem to have more trouble then most)
Shocking Pink (neon)- creamy but vibrant pale bright pink
Ruby Pumps- perfect deeper red with a lot of red glitter, doesn't go on sheer which is great!
Reggae To Riches- deep pink with very slight purple dual chrome effect
Purple Panic (neon)- matte fuchsia-ish pinky purple, very bold
Flying Dragon (neon)- matte pink based purple with fine blue & pink glitter, glitter just looks like bumpy texture without a topcoat

I will do an updated review on the Nail Tek, Seche Vite, & China Glaze in a few weeks. One of the reasons I am confused is that when I did my Easter nails the Finger Paints lasted fine while the China Glaze didn't. Then when I got my nails done at the salon with China Glaze they lasted just fine & I had no problems. I will be mixing all of these with products I know hold up & see how they do. Then I will let you know what I think about them more.

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