Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sally Girl Sparkle Effects Glitter Update

I just wanted to give you girls a little update on this glitter.

I have been using this glitter for quite some time & have always loved it. It was just as good as many of the more expensive ones at $1 each. Plus you got a ton. They had a good range of colors, although they were not multi-tone reflective.

I went into Sally's last week to replace my Princess Pink Glitter & was completely shocked at what I found. Not only was the color completely different than my previous one (from a dark hot pink to a light baby pink, & yes it had the same name), the size was almost triple what it was before. This means that you can not practically use it for around your eyes. Cosmetic safe glitter for use on the eyes or lips mush be smaller then 0.006 for it to be deemed safe. This is now probably 0.008-0.010, meaning that it is unsafe for use around the eyes or mouth.

I am very disappointed in these new changes. I will be on the hunt for a new glitter & will keep you girls informed on what I find.

If you have any suggestions, let me know!

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