Monday, February 14, 2011

Favorite Products That Never Let Me Down Pt.1 {Eyes}

Every girl has that handful of products that always deliver & they always go back to. Here is my list of Faves that always do the job!

Wet & Wild Gel Eyeliner!!!
This is my number one go to eyeliner. It always glides on smooth as hell & is really pigmented. Doesn't budge through Colorado's temperamental weather, eyes watering or even swimming! It works great on the waterline, for smudging, and gives the perfect cat eye liner. It doesn't give the shine look of liquid or the powdery look of foiled eyeshadow, so that makes it even more perfect. I use an angled or bent eyeliner brush but, the brush it comes with is absolutely perfect for my brow powder. It does dry out after about 6 months but at $4 I can handle that & a little goes a long way.
LA Girls Fine Line
This is the only felt tip liner that I have found that delivers like it should. Always glides on even & precise, never gets eyeshadow build up on the applicator (which makes every other liner of this kind stop working), & still has not dried up on me (I've had it almost a year). Another great bonus is that it goes on even if your eyes have been watery. I have notoriously watery eyes & most eyeliners simply wont go on any area that has had tears on it. This eyeliner glides over it with no problem! Great to throw in your purse for touch ups, to gets the pointiest of points on winged liner, or to take your makeup from everyday to party time in a snap.
Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner
No matter how many "great" & highly reviewed & loved eyeliners I buy, I always come back to this. It glides on without being a huge, creamy, smudgy mess. It says almost all day on my waterline (about 10 hours or so if sealed with powder, 6 without) & is really black. What else could you want from a liner?
Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner
I always line my upper lashline before putting on eyeshadow. It helps so I don't have a strip of blond on the roots of my lashes & darkens them up a bit (making them look fuller). This is the only liner I'll use. It smudges nicely without disappearing or smearing & stays put without blending into my eyshadow. Plus, you can't really see it once you put shadow over it if you're going for an unlined look.
Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion
I have a ton of mascaras but, for some reason this is the one that I always end up grabbing. The brush makes it so your lashes never clump. It volumizes with only 2 swipes, yet is still workable for those pesky bottom lashes. Plus it can be built up for really defined, yet thick lashes! Nothing else I have tried has been able to stand up to this.
Palladio Baked Shadow in Gun Metal
I wear this shadow every day. It is the perfect color to blend a smokey eye without making it look crazy. It blends wonderfully & is the perfect consistency. A beautiful satin finish & the perfect color that is noticeably dark but not over the top.  If I'm in a hurry all I need to do is put this color on with a blending brush, do eyeliner & mascara & out the door. This is the only gray that I really like for above my crease, nothing else gets the job done as well.

So, there they are. Mostly liners but, I change my eyeshadow looks daily so, it's hard to have a list of go to product for those. All of these products are highly affordable & easy to find. I have tried many high end labels & honestly have been disappointed. If I pay $20+ for an eyeliner it had better be a hell of a lot better then my $5 one, & they simply don't stand up to that. Most of them are actually harder to work with & don't last nearly as long.

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