Monday, November 21, 2011

Very First A Day In Pictures

This is something new that I am thinking about trying out with my blog, so let me know what you think of it..
I have been looking to take my blog further then just post to accompany videos that I do on my youtube channel for a while now. I asked on facebook what you would like to see & Megan had suggested "a day in the life" style blogs. I still wasn't really sure where I would take that until I saw Xiaxue's Blog. She does great picture post with short captions & I thought it was the perfect way to do these. I didn't take as many pictures as I had wanted, because I forgot my camera at home & my phone one is all wonkey), but I think that I did ok for my first post like this!

First things first; Breakfast!
Now breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day. Not because I'm big on eating breakfast in the morning (I normally don't eat before noon) but because all the best foods are breakfast foods! Plus I'm a huge coffee freak!
Fall always has super yummy (probably not that healthy either) coffee's & breakfast snacks.
This is my all time favorite coffee. You get the yummie flavored treat without all that extra crap in it!

 I love a hot cup of coffee & a sweet breakfast treat on cold fall mornings, just starts your day off right!
Found this at my local grocery store & it's so good!

Now (since the bf is pacing around me) I need to get my lazy butt up & get ready. I am not one of those people that rushes to get ready. I like to lounge around with my coffee & take my time. Not the bf, he's up & out the door 15 minutes later.
Decided I wanted to go casual but cute & that means curled hair & contacts.

These are great everyday contacts for me. Neo Dali Extra Violet (I think)
It's really hard to find contacts that work on lighter eyes 

Bad picture of me but, good look at my contacts.

I can't remember what all colors I'm wearing on my lids (I didn't really have a plan & just kept tweeking it until I liked it & had like 15 shades on). Lips are Sleek Amped lipstick & Revlon Hot Pink lipgloss

Jewlery makes the outfit!

All Done!

I needed to head over to Target to get my new KINDLE FIRE!!!
After much debate & a few regrets I figured that it was the one for me & that it was time to get it.
If you want to know more about all this then let me know & I'll do a post specifically about my kindle & why I got it + all the things I love about it.

I found the most adorable scarf hat while there (I wish that I had my camera so that I could have taken a picture to show you). It was furry leopard spotted with cute little ears & pockets for your hands! So adorable!!! But it was almost $30 & I'm not sure I'll get all that much use out of it. I can't lie though, I'm seriously thinking about going back & getting it.
(I can't find a picture of it anywhere online for some reason)

There were also these adorable earmuffs (that the bf was totally against! I think my Hello Kitty love embarrasses him sometimes)

We decided to head to the mall & despite not really planning on getting anything (except to exchange a shirt at Forever 21)  I ended up doing a decent amount of shopping.

This was the only thing that I ended up getting from the newest Hello Kitty Forever 21 collection. I liked the scarfs too but, didn't think that I could easily integrate it into my wardrobe due to the color. I have enough casual HK sweaters that I didn't want any of those.

Ended up getting these cute heart earrings & a heart ring.
I got one almost exactly like this in Vegas @ H&M but it was too small. So I'm happy to have one that fits!

Cute simple girly studs!

Found this amazing Hello Kitty necklace @ Hot Topic! It matches my Barbie one!
I can't wait to wear it!!!
I love huge, over exaggerated, sparkly necklaces for going out. It instantly makes any outfit unique & super fun & defiantly grabs attention with so little effort!

I also found the most perfect case for my Kindle @ Icings.
It always takes me forever to find cases that I like for things & I end up having some ugly, boring case on it for a long time. (My phone from 6 months ago still has it's plain purple case on it)
So I was really excited that I found a great case before I had ever taken it out of the box.
I was sure it was going to fit but the bf made me get my Kindle from the car to check.
It was like a centimeter off & wouldn't close on top.

Time to go home...

Yumi is ready for his walk! 

& I'm ready for dinner. I think that I eat more mac & cheese then anyone (out of love, not necessity!)
I'm bummed because I'm down to my last 4 boxes of Halloween shapes
(I only like Kraft mac & cheese with the shaped noddles)

I am not really a fan of red wines but I love sweet & fruity wines. When I found this I thought that it would be the perfect winter wine for me. 

Now time to enjoy my wine & watch Fraggle Rock on my beautiful new Kindle.

PS- I'm trying out a new nail polish  for my monthly review. 
That's why my nails look kind of beat up & crappy.

Not sure how I feel about it just yet.

Hope you liked my first picture day in the life post. Let me know what parts you liked & what parts you didn't & what I should include next time.
I am hoping to get a new camera soon so the pictures will be better.
I also know that I am not the best photographer in the world (especially when taking pictures of myself) & hope that the practice will make me better.


  1. I'm wearing the Hello Kitty necklace from Hot Topic. It's so cute,I'm addicted to those cute Hello Kitty accessories from my favorite stores. Plus I like you hair.Colored hair looks crappy on me so I just made myself a dirty blonde.

    1. Thank you, sometimes you just have to find the right undertones or shade to make it look right.