Tuesday, June 28, 2011

UPDATE: Love It Or Ditch It- Collective Nail Review/Haul (April2011)

UPDATE ON: Nail TekSeche Vite, & China Glaze Polishes
After having exhausted my options for these three products I am finally ready to do this update. Here is the Original Post & Video if you wanted to look at that.

So after trying every combination & trick I have figured out the culprit to the horrible chipping & peeling of my nail polish. Ready... it was ALL of them.
Each of these products defiantly speeds up the chipping process & when combined, your polish won't even last through the day without having some roughness around the edges. (proof with my nails today which where done 3 hours ago & have small chipping on 6 of the nails)
Now each of these products can be paired with longer lasting products & will last ok, but whats the point of spending a bunch of money on a products that you can buy cheaper versions that last longer & you don't have to worry what you pair it with?
Of course each of them still do have some benefits as well.
The Nail Tek has kept my actual nails from peeling when I have it on but, does not strengthen them otherwise. I have used several products from Sally's & the drugstore that have strengthened my actual nails & doesn't cause my nail polish to peel either.
I do find myself reaching for the Seche Vite quite often because it dries my nails in about a minute & I am horrible about waiting for my nails to dry.  I do think that I will be trying out some drying drops or spray to solve this problem though & going back to my super glossy & tough top coat.
The China Glaze polishes are still my least favorite that I have ever owned. True, they do have some pretty fantastic colors (like the Ruby Slippers I'm wearing now) & they are opaque after 1-2 coats. However, they dry so fast you can't really fix any unsmooth sections & they streak like crazy.

All in all, I wouldn't suggest any of these products. I don't really think that they are completely terrible, I just think that you can find far better alternatives from Sally Hanson & other brands for far cheaper. 

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